Pension schemes

The pensions sector has recently been the subject of stringent reviews which have resulted in increased regulation. As a result, there are increased burdens on the accounting and reporting of pension schemes. These burdens are often greater for small schemes who are unable to employ specialist staff on economic grounds.

With our experience of auditing money purchase and final salary schemes, we can help in reducing these burdens.

We have a dedicated team of professional staff to help provide advice on the day to day accounting requirements of pension scheme accounts in line with regulation, and the provision of year end audit services

In addition, we are also able to provide advice to individuals and companies who are considering setting up their own scheme, and are able to set-up a pension scheme based upon your requirements.

So if you are the trustees of a pension scheme, whether small or large, money purchase or final salary, or whether you are considering setting up a pension scheme, our experienced professionals are here to help you with your needs.