About us

The firm

Our firm has been in business for over 70 years and has evolved through a variety of mergers and acquisitions bringing together a wealth of talent that has culminated in the business we are today.

With offices in Cardiff, London and Llantwit Major we are able to offer broad, in depth advice whatever your sector.

Our growth over the past years has been rapid, assisted by the implementation of computerised systems between us and our clients. This positive development has enabled us to concentrate on providing services of greater value than pure ‘compliance dealing’.

The profession has undergone many changes over the years, not least with regard to the impact of the regulatory and tax frameworks governing most of what we do, but the future is both exciting and challenging and we look forward to further developing and enhancing the range of products and services available to our clients.

Our clients

The wide range of skill sets within our group has enabled us to develop an extremely wide client base across most divergent market sectors. Our clients range from multimillion pound private companies and partnerships, SME’s, sole traders and to individuals who just needs help with their personal tax returns.

Whatever size of business our servicing philosophy is the same. This philosophy is based on a highly personal, responsive and proactive commitment to help our clients deal with the issues that affect their business on a day-to day basis.

Growth in our client base has been rapid, achieved largely through recommendation from existing clients and contacts within the business and financial world, and we also receive referrals from banks, financial advisors, solicitors and other third parties.

Our fee levels are realistic and will be agreed in advance. This ensures that our clients are able to budget accurately and have peace of mind.